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We believe that technology is a tool for making our everyday lives more enjoyable and productive. Technology should encourage and enhance our active participation in the life hobbies and interests that we all have. With this goal in mind, we are creating Guruvi Sports to help enhance people’s active participation in the sports that they love.

Whether you want to improve your own game or the game of friends or family members, you can use our sports apps to do that. Our apps allow you to easily capture data about the way you or your friends or family members perform in the sport. Then the app transforms the data into meaningful information that is used for providing you with coaching tips relevant to you. Our apps make improving your game easy and fun. You can even compare your performance and game to the pros, your favorite role model, or your arch enemy. And that’s just the beginning; we plan to regularly update our apps with features and information to keep things interesting for our users. Download our free apps and try them out. We’d love to hear back from you.

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