App Help

  1. App Usage Summary
  2. Adding and Managing Users
  3. Capturing Play Results
  4. Viewing Game Results and Statistics
  5. Deleting Users or Games
  6. Coach Tab

1. App Usage Summary

The first step in using the Guruvi Football app is to add a user (i.e. Player) on the “Users” Tab. Then select the user that you would like to capture plate appearances for and go to the “Score” tab to start a new game. When starting a new game, you will be prompted to select a few brief details about the game. After entering the game information, a new game is automatically started. For play in the game that the player you are tracking performs, simply select the event that occurred (such as pass, run, reception, or defensive play.) Once you select the event, the app automatically takes you through the other steps needed to complete the data capture for the event. The app is flexible and allows you to collect event information for more than one player in a given game. At any time go to the “Games” tab to see the stats for the current game in progress or any previous games. The “Stats” tab shows the stats averaged over all games in a season and is updated when the current game in progress is completed.

2. Adding and Managing Users

To add a user (player) touch the “+” button on the “Users” tab and enter name and information for the user. To select a user, simply touch the name of the user on the “Users” tab and a checkmark will appear next to the name. Then the scoring information that you enter or statistics that you view on the other tabs will be for the selected user. You may update a user’s information by touching “Edit” on the “Users” tab then touching the desired user. A sheet is then shown with the current user information that you may edit and save.

3. Capturing Play Results

Starting a New Game

A user from the “Users” tab must be selected and the previous game in progress must be completed or deleted prior to starting a new game. Touch the “New Game” button on the “Score” tab and a sheet will appear to set the game details. Change the default settings as you desire and use the note section to add a quick note that you want to remember such as name of the opposing team, etc. Touch “Save” and a new game is started.

New Game Game Info

Entering Event Information

Once a game is in progress, the “Score” tab displays a list of options to select the play type. The options are Pass (the user attempted a pass,) Run (the user ran the ball,) Reception (the user caught a pass,) or Defensive Event (the user made a defensive play.) The total number of events (plays) captured for the selected use is shown at the top of the screen.

Once the play type is selected, the screen advances to the next step where one or more menus are displayed to select the outcome of the play.

First View Menu

For certain plays, such as a completed pass or run, the app provides a view to select the number yards for the play.

Yards Menu


Selecting cancel from the menus will take you to the previous step for entering event information.

Changing Game Information

The game information such as the date of the game can be changed from the first view where the event information entry begins. In this view touch the “Game” button and then select “Edit Game Information.”

Game Menu

Ending or Deleting a Game

To end a game touch the “Game” button and select “Game Done” from the menu. You may also delete a game in progress by touching the “Game” button and selecting “Delete Current Game.”

Tips for Accurate Results

One of our main goals has been to make it very easy to capture the result of each play while still allowing for detailed data collection that can help you improve. For example, to reduce the complexity we don’t capture yards information for plays such as sacks or interceptions. What is important is to be consistent in the way that you enter events. Here are some suggestions to help you stay consistent.

4. Viewing Game Results and Statistics

Game Results

Selecting the “Games” tab displays all the games that have been captured for the selected user. The games are organized in a list by reverse order that they were entered into the app. Scroll down or up to find the game of interest. Touching the entry in the list for a particular game shows the statistics for that games.

Games List Game Stats

Season Stats

Selecting the “Stats” tab displays the seasons (years) that statistics are available for the selected user. Touch the season to see the detailed stats. Every time the selected user completes a game, the season stats are re-calculated.

Seasons List Season Stats

Meaning of the Statistics Shown

Passing Stats:

Running Stats:

Receiving Stats:

Defensive Stats:

5. Deleting Users or Games

Users or games can be deleted from the “Users” or “Games” tabs by touching the “Edit” button in the upper left side of the screen then touching the round red button next to the item to be deleted and then touching the “Delete” button. When a user is deleted, all associated games and statistics are also deleted.

6. Coach Tab

The Coach tab connects you to the app’s webpage, which requires an Internet connection, where you may find tips for how to improve your game using the statistics collected by the app or find other interesting information for interpreting the results of the data that you have collected.