Guruvi Football

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You can use the Guruvi Football app to easily improve your game or the game of your friends or family members. With just a few taps you can capture the result of offensive or defensive events of the player that you are tracking and then view season statistics or statistics for each game played.

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At anytime go to the “Coach” tab for tips on interpreting the statistics, improving your game, and much more. The app was designed for ease of use. You can easily set-up as many players as you would like and capture statistics for each of the players. You can even capture statistics on your archrivals and then use the information to strategize how to defeat them.

Visit the Coach tab regularly for new coaching tips and information of interest to you. As new features are added to the app, you will be able to take advantage of the data that you’ve previously captured without having to start all over again. Download our free Guruvi Football app and let us know what you think.