Guruvi Soccer

Drills for Teaching Short Passing Skills

Many young children and beginning soccer players focus their energy on developing shooting and dribbling skills as these are the most obvious and most glamorous aspects of the game. Even as they learn to imitate some of the advanced dribbling moves of their soccer heroes, they still lack the fundamental passing skills such as leading the receivers with the pass, or even coming back to a slow pass to prevent it from being intercepted. A team with good passing capability is often more successful than a team with fancy dribbling skills that does not pass well. Here are 6 fun and easy drills that teach children and beginners the fundamental short passing skills. Most of these drills can be performed with just 2 players.

The Diagonal Passing Drill simply teaches the skill of running to an open space, receiving a pass, and quickly transitioning to making a pass to the next open space.

The Square Passing Drill builds on the first drill by teaching the skill of running in crossing paths with your teammates which is very effective for confusing the opposing defense.

The Rotating Triangle Drill teaches the concept of rotating in a circular motion to create open spaces for passing.

The Line Passing Drill teaches the concept of receiving the ball from one direction and then turning to pass in another direction. This is a very important concept as most beginners tend to only pass in the direction that they are facing.

The Come Back Passing Drill teaches the skill of going toward the pass to receive it.

Finally the One-Two Triangle Drill teaches the important skill of quick one-two passing.