Guruvi Soccer

Practice: Drills or Matches?

Most often recreational players get together with friends and teammates and practice by passing the ball around, taking shots on the goalie, and playing pick-up matches. Although such practice matches are important, they are not the best way to raise your game to the next level.

Drills are the key element of practice that allow you to elevate your game. Unlike pick-up matches or just taking shots on a goalie, drills can place emphasis on a specific weakness or an area that you are trying to improve. During practice matches, you may also be inclined to hide your weaknesses or play more conservatively in order to win and therefore not practice the skills that you need to develop the most.

Drills can also simulate important match-like conditions and allow for the repetition to give you the confidence and skill to perform in such situations. For example, during a real match, you’re less likely to get a shot on goal by taking a direct free kick. It is more likely that you’ll receive a pass with your back to the goal and then have to dribble or turn around quickly to take the shot on goal so drills can help to re-create such situations.

As a general rule, spend at least 33% of your practice time on drills. Uncover your weaknesses using the Guruvi Soccer app, and then practice the drills that target those specific weaknesses.