Guruvi Soccer

Comparing Your Performance in a Match to Your Career Average

Do you wonder if your performance in an important match was better or worse than you normally play? Obviously if you are playing against an unusually good team or unusually bad team, that might explain why your performance was so different than normal. However using the Guruvi Soccer app you can analyze specific parts of your play and determine if there are areas you can improve on to better prepare you for the next big match.

For every match the app shows how your stats for that match compared to your career stats. The career stats are your stats averaged over the last 20 matches. The “vs. Career” column in the Match tab shows the difference between the match average and your career average. For example, if for the particular match the user’s offensive event breakdown shows that 16% of offensive events ended in the user losing the ball while trying to dribble with it and the career average for this stat is 6%, then the “vs. Career” column will show 10% (16% - 6%).

App Screen Capture

Start by looking at the “vs. Career” column for offensive and defensive events. If any of these numbers are 10% or more, then that particular area of your play was significantly different that normal. For events that have a positive outcome such as making a successful pass or taking a shot on goal, 10% or larger implies that you did better than normal. If these numbers are -10% (negative) or even lower then you did worse than normal. The opposite conclusion holds for events that have a negative outcome such as losing the ball while dribbling or making a bad pass. For these events if the “vs. Career” column is 10% or larger then you did worse than normal and if the numbers are -10% or even a more negative number then you did better than normal.

By looking at the offensive and defensive events in this manner determine if your passing game was off. If it was, next time organize with your teammates to establish shorter passes and work on moving without the ball to find the open spots. If on the other hand, you were losing the ball too much while dribbling, work on passing the ball off sooner.

Similarly analyze your events breakdown for the match. Were you offside more than normal? Did you foul the opposing players more than normal? Were you fouled more than normal? Once you understand the answers to these questions, then think about what you can do differently in the next big match.