Guruvi Soccer

One-Two Dribbling

This drill teaches the skill of using a one-two dribbling move to get past defenders. A one-two dribbling move is where the player first uses the inside of one foot to move the ball across from one side of the body to the other side of the body and then uses the other foot to push the ball forward to pass the defender.

Place the 5 cones or markers as shown by the small orange circles in the picture below. The cones should be placed in a straight line 5 yards (or 5 meters) apart.

1) The player starts at the first cone and dribbles through the cones using the one-two dribbling move to pass every cone. The one-two move should be alternated at every cone. For example, if at the first cone the one-two move started with the left foot and ended with the right foot, then at the next cone the one-two should start with the right foot and end with the left foot.

Drill Diagram

2) The player then circles around the last cone and then dribbles back through the cones again using the one-two dribbling move to pass every cone. Perform this drill at least 2 times.

Drill Diagram