Guruvi Soccer

Defending the Box

This drill teaches the skill of dribbling past a defender in tight spaces. Place 4 cones or markers in a square shape as shown by the small orange circles in the picture below. The cones should be placed 5 yards (or 5 meters) apart.

Player A (blue) starts with the ball outside of the box and dribbles into the square through the front. Player A’s objective is to dribble through the back of the square without going out through the sides or losing the ball. Player B (red) has the objective of preventing Player A from dribbling out through the back of the square. Player B cannot go outside of the Square. Play ends when either Player A successfully dribbles out through the back, Player B steals the ball, or Player B forces the ball out of the square through the sides. Repeat the drill by switching roles between Player A and Player.

Drill Diagram