Guruvi Soccer

Come Back Passing Drill

This drill teaches the skill of going toward the pass to receive it. Place the 4 cones or markers as shown by the small orange circles in the picture below. The 2 cones that are farthest from each other should have a distance of about 10 yards (or 10 meters) between them.

1) Player A (blue) starts with the ball and passes it to Player B (red.) As soon as Player A kicks the ball, Player B runs forward toward the ball. Player B should try to run forward at least 3 yards before the ball reaches him or her.

Drill Diagram

2) Once the ball reaches Player B (red), Player B does a one-touch pass back to Player A (red.) One-touch means that Player B kicks the ball without first stopping the ball or controlling the ball. Repeat this drill at least 5 times and then switch Player A and Player B positions.

Drill Diagram