Guruvi Soccer

Quick Turn-Around Shooting

This drill teaches the skill of receiving a short pass with your back to the goal and then quickly turning around to shoot.

Place 2 cones 4 feet (120 centimeters) apart and about 15 yards (or 15 meters) from the goal. Place a 3rd cone 10 yards (or 10 meters) from the first 2 cones as shown by the orange circles in the picture below.

1) Player B (red) stands in front of the first 2 cones with his or her back to the goal. Player A (blue) passes the ball to player B.

Drill Diagram

2) Player B (red) controls the ball with his or her back still to the goal.

Drill Diagram

3) Player B quickly turns to one side and shoots the ball. The shot must go from the outside of the 2 cones and cannot go between the 2 cones. Repeat this drill 3 to 5 times and then switch roles between Player A and Player B.

Drill Diagram