Guruvi Soccer

Profile of World Class Forwards

How do you compare to some of the best forwards in the world? We used the Guruvi Soccer app to capture the statistics for a few of the world’s best forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, and Fernando Torres. Overall, we captured stats from 12 club matches that these players participated in. Here are the results that you can compare to your own career statistics.

Although some of the stats varied significantly depending on the player, some stats were fairly consistent like their ability to score goals. These players on average scored 1.3 goals per game. They showed their skill in being able to convert a high number of their shots into goals, scoring on 30% of their shots. One third of all their goals were from Penalties or Free kicks.

Goals and Assists
Goals per Game 1.3
Assists per Game 0.2
Shots Taken per Game 4.3
Shots Scored 30%

The breakdown of the events that happened on the offensive and defensive sides of the field for these players is shown in the table below. Of the times these players touched the ball , 6-10% of the time they made a bad pass, and 13% of the time they lost the ball while dribbling or trying to control the ball. On the other hand more than 60% of the time they made a successful pass to another teammate.

Offensive Events Defensive Events
Shot Taken 11% Cleared Ball 6%
Successful Pass 62% Successful Pass 72%
Unsuccessful Pass 10% Unsuccessful Pass 6%
Lost Dribble 13% Lost Dribble 13%

On Average 85% of the times that these stars received the ball, it was by another teammate passing the ball to them. They rarely steal the ball from the opposing team; after all they are famous for their offensive capability, not their defensive capability.

How Ball Obtained
Received Pass 85%
Stole Ball 2%
Won Free Ball 12%

Finally, out of all the events that we captured, these players were only fouled in 2.3% of the events and they committed fouls on the opposing players in 1.3% of the events not counting Fernando Torres. In fact for the events that we captured for Fernando Torres, he fouled an opposing player on 14% of the events! So these superstars didn’t seem to be victims of excessive fouls.

Fouls and Offsides
Offsides 1.2%
Fouls Committed 1.3%
Was Fouled 2.3%