App Help

  1. App Usage Summary
  2. Adding and Managing Users
  3. Scoring a Match
  4. Viewing Match and Career Statistics
  5. Deleting Users or Matches
  6. Coach Tab

1. App Usage Summary

The first step in using the Guruvi Tennis app is to add a user (i.e. Player) on the “Users” Tab. Then select the user that you would like to score a match for and go to the “Score” tab to start a new match. When starting a new match, you will be prompted to select the type of match such as singles or doubles, type of tennis court, number of sets in the match, etc. After entering the match information, a new match is automatically started. For each point in the match you simply enter the result of the 1st serve, 2nd serve, if any, and the shot that ended the point. Simply start by touching the location on the tennis court where the first serve landed and the app will take you through the appropriate dialogues and next steps to complete the data entry for that point. A brief statement at the bottom of the screen will tell you exactly what you’re expected to do next. At any time go the “Match” tab to see your stats for the current match in progress or any previous match. The “Career” tab shows your stats averaged over the last 20 matches and is updated when the current match in progress is completed.

2. Adding and Managing Users

To add a user (player) touch the “+” button on the “Users” tab and enter name and information for the user. To select a user, simply touch the name of the user on the “Users” tab and a checkmark will appear next to the name. Then the scoring information that you enter or statistics that you view on the other tabs will be for the selected user. You may update a user’s information by touching “Edit” on the “Users” tab then touching the desired user. A sheet is then shown with the current user information that you may edit and save.

3. Scoring a Match

Starting a New Match

A user from the “Users” tab must be selected and the previous match in progress must be completed or deleted prior to starting a new match. Touch the “New Match” button on the “Score” tab and a sheet will appear to set the match details. Change the default settings as you desire and use the note field to add notes that you want to remember such as name of opponents, the weather, etc. Touch “Save” and a new match is started.

New Match Match Info

Entering Point Information

Once a match is in progress, the “Score” tab displays a diagram of the tennis court with the players positioned on the court. At the lower left sided of the screen a simple comment is shown to guide you on what to do next. During serves, the destination service box is enlarged to give more room for your finger to touch the area where the serve landed. Start scoring the match by touching the location on the court where the first serve landed. If the serve was out, the screen advances to the 2nd serve. If the serve was in, a menu is shown to select the type of shot that ended the current point (ace, service winner, winner, or error.)

1st Serve View Action Sheet View

If Winner or Error is selected, then the screen is shown for selecting the player responsible for the shot. Simply touch the name of the player and it becomes highlighted to signify it has been selected. Next touch the location of the court where the shot landed. Finally an action sheet is shown to select the shot type such as backhand, forehand, lob, etc. When the data entry for a point is complete the scoreboard automatically increments, the player positions are changed, and the view for entering the result of the first serve for the next point is shown.

Select Player View Shot Location View

Manually Changing Player Positions

At the start of every point the player positions can be changed. Simply touch the “Point” button and an action sheet is shown with options for moving players or rotating the server. Moving players has no impact on the score.

Manually Changing Score or Disabling Scoreboard

The app allows you the flexibility to only score part of a match. You may manually change the score at the start of any point by touching the “Match” button and selecting “Edit Score” from the menu. A sheet is displayed that allows you to change the score or even turn scoring off. If scoring is turned off, the scoreboard will show zeros and after every point the score will not be incremented.

Score Edit View

Skipping Data Entry Steps or Discarding Points

While going through the sequence of steps to enter information for a point, any step can be skipped. For example if you missed capturing the result of the 1st serve but want to enter the result for the point ending shot, you can skip to the point ending shot by touching the “Point” button and selecting “Skip to Point Ending Shot” from the menu. You may also discard the result of the current point and re-start from the 1st serve by touching the “Point” button and selecting “Discard Current Point.” The menu choices available change depending on the data entry step that you’re on.

Ending or Deleting Match

As the score progresses, the app automatically detects when the match has completed but you may end a match before reaching the final score. For example you may only want to capture the data for a portion of a match. To end a match manually touch the “Match” button and select “Match Done” from the menu. You may also delete a match in progress by touching the “Match” button and selecting “Delete Current Match.”

Tips for Scoring a Match

One of our main goals has been to make it very easy to capture the result of each point while still allowing for detailed data collection that can help you improve your game. For example to reduce the complexity, we don’t distinguish between a forced error and an un-forced error. What is important is to be consistent in the way that you score points. Here are some suggestions to help you stay consistent.

4. Viewing Match and Career Statistics

Match Stats

Selecting the “Match” tab displays all the matches that have been captured for the selected user. The matches are organized in a list by reverse order that they were entered into the app. Scroll down or up to find the match of interest. Touching the entry in the list for a particular match shows the detailed results of that match. You can scroll down to see all the statistics for the match. The first section shows the score and the notes associated with a match.

Match List View Match Stats View

Scroll down to the 2nd section to see the game summary for the match. This section displays statistics for the games and points won by the user. For example the percentage of points won by user or the percentage of service games won by the user.

Next to the stats for the selected match is a comparison of how the user performed relative to their Career average. This difference is shown in blue colored numbers if the difference is greater than zero and brown colored numbers if the difference is less than zero. For example if the user won 70% of the points in the match while in their career stats he or she won 60% of the points played, then this difference will show as 10% (70%-60%) meaning that in the current match the user is winning more points than they normally win. By comparing a match to the career average, you can get a feel whether the player was playing better or worse than they normally play or if they were playing an opponent that was particularly strong or weak.

Scroll down to the 3rd section to see the user’s shot statistics for the match. These include serve, winner, and error stats. Subsequent sections show similar shot stats for the opponent. If the match was a doubles match, shot stats are also shown for the user’s partner and the second opponent.

Career Stats

Selecting the “Career” tab displays the career stats for the selected user. The career stats are game, point, and shot stats averaged over the last 20 matches. Every time the selected user completes data entry for a match, career stats are re-calculated.

Meaning of the Statistics Shown

5. Deleting Users or Matches

Users or matches can be deleted from the “Users” or “Match” tabs by touching the “Edit” button in the upper left side of the screen then touching the round red button next to the item to be deleted and then touching the “Delete” button. When a user is deleted, all associated match and career data are also deleted.

6. Coach Tab

The Coach tab connects you to the app’s webpage, which requires an Internet connection, where you may find tips for how to improve your game using the statistics collected by the app or find other interesting information for interpreting the results of the data that you have collected.