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Drills To Develop Consistent Strokes

Developing consistent strokes is one of the best ways to improve your game. Consistent and strong strokes help you win by minimizing your unforced errors, preventing your opponent from dictating the point, and creating opportunities for you to attack. Here are some fun drills that isolate and work your strokes and help to you to improve your consistency. Spend a little time on drills on every occasion that you play tennis and you’ll soon see the results.

The Cross-Court Baseline Drill and the Down-The-Line Baseline Drill develop consistency in four fundamental groundstroke shots: forehand crosscourt, backhand crosscourt, forehand down-the-line, and backhand down-the-line.

The Cross-Court Wall Drill and the Down-The-Line Wall Drill help to develop the same four fundamental groundstroke shots but these drills can be done when you don’t have a partner to hit with.

The Deep Court Baseline Drill develops consistency in hitting deep forehands and backhands.

The Half-Court Volley Drill develops consistency in both your volleys and in your defensive shots against an opponent who is attacking from the net.

The Volley Target Drill works both your volleying and half-volleying skills and also reinforces the skill of defending against an opponent who is approaching the net.

The Cross-Court Serve And Volley Drill develops consistency in volleys and serve-volley skills.

The Service Medley Drill works all the different serves in your repertoire: flat, slice, and top-spin serves going down the middle, wide, and to the body of the opponent.

The Mid-Court Serve Return Drill develops consistency in your service return and helps to improve your reaction time to the opponent’s serves.