Guruvi Tennis

Mid-Court Serve Return Drill

This drill develops consistency in your service return and helps to improve your reaction time to the opponent’s serves by placing the server much closer to you.

1) Player A (blue) starts with a basket of balls and serves to Player B (red) on the deuce side. Instead of serving from the baseline, Player A has to serve from the service line as shown in the picture below. Player B just tries to return the serves any way possible. The point is not played out. Player A should serve 10 to 20 good serves to Player B in this manner.

Drill Diagram

2) This time the balls are served to the ad-side as shown in the below picture. Player A (blue) serves 10 to 20 good serves from the service line to Player B (red.)

Drill Diagram

3-4) Repeat the drills from step 1 and 2 except the player roles are reversed. Now Player B should serve from the service lines to Player A.