Guruvi Tennis

Volley Target Drill

The drill works both your volleying and half-volleying skills and also reinforces the skill of defending against an opponent who is approaching the net by hitting low shots back at the feet of the opponent.

1) Player A (blue) stands at the baseline and player B (red) stands at the service line as shown in the picture below. Player A hits the first ball from the baseline to Player B. Player B has to return the ball from the service line. Winners or errors don’t count during these first two shots and the doubles alleys are considered out. Player B has to always stay on the service line and is not allowed to come closer to the net or go back to the baseline. Player A (blue) is not allowed to hit winners. The only way Player A can win the point is if Player B makes an error. Therefore, Player A should aim his or her groundstrokes at the feet of Player B. First person to 7 points wins (you can also play to 11 points or 5 points if you would like.) Every point should be started in the same way.

Drill Diagram

2) Now play the second game to 7 points (or 5 or 11 point if you would like) with roles reversed between Player A and Player B.

Drill Diagram