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Comparing the 2011 Wimbledon Men’s and Women’s Champions

Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova are the 2011 Wimbledon Men’s and Women’s Singles champions. How do their final matches compare? What were the keys to each player’s victory? Using the statistics from the Guruvi Tennis app, we compared the 2 matches.

First, while both Djokovic and Kvitova won about the same percentage of the points played, Kvitova won a higher percentage of the games. This implies Kvitova won more of the critical points in each game allowing her to win a higher percentage of the games.

Points Won Games Won Serve Games Won Opponent Broken
Djokovic 53% 56% 81% 31%
Kvitova 54% 63% 70% 55%

Second, Djokovic won a higher percentage of his service games while Kvitova broke her opponent’s serve an astonishingly high 55% (she broke her opponent 6 out of 10 games.) Looking at the serve stats for Djokovic, Kvitova, and their opponents provides additional insight. While Djokovic and his opponent both posted very good serve stats typical of the world’s top players, Kvitova’s opponent had an especially low second serve percentage causing her to double fault on some critical points and to lose many of her service games.

1st Serve 2nd Serve
Djokovic 74% 95%
Nadal 76% 94%
Kvitova 66% 81%
Sharapova 76% 60%

Overall both Djokovic and Kvitova played well and deserve to be champions, but the stats imply that Kvitova’s opponent (Sharapova) had some major lapses in her service games that helped Kvitova win.